In today’s fast paced world, intellectual caches are filled to overflowing. Taking time to slow down and have a calmversation helps free up valuable mind space, creativity and thoughtful communication.

From corporates to classrooms, calmversation has you covered for the peaceful exchange of thoughts and ideas...


There's a multitude of calmversation™ solutions and strategies
to guide your action plans.
We offer workshops, circle sessions, and consultations. 
Select the one that's best for you, and
we'll explore the path of creative possibilities.


calmversation workshops focus on team building and innovation.
During these sessions, we take innovative approaches
towards the application of your organization's ideas and goals.

circle sessions 

In groups of 10 or less, calmversation circle sessions
provide a more interactive focus on
problem solving, solution sourcing, and bridging connections.


Custom calmversation™ solutions to ignite passion,
purpose and action based on your specific goals and mission. 
We develop and implement unique social media
strategies for individuals, businesses, community and government organizations. 

calmversation K-12 education program

Request an introduction to the concept of calmversation in classrooms. The 5 part learning series is available online to licensed educators in Canada and the US. The program centres upon individuality, creativity and inspiration. Students are given space to tap into their own wisdoms as they explore a range of inquiry based social, emotional, inclusive and innovative learning methods.


and if you are looking for a calming images and decor for your home or office enter here to see our online collection. We also have calmversation™ digital images available for purchase by request


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