about us

through calmversation we can create a gentler world 
where intentions are kind,
whys are transparent,
smiles are sincere and 
technology facilitates compassion 
We are delighted to welcome you to our cozy corner of the world!   
calmversation™ is a socially innovative communication model which

fosters creative thought and inspiration for people to tap into their true potential... 


The idea for calmversation came from our founder, MissyJena, who is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of children and their experience of school. In recent years, Jena recognized that there was a critical need to bridge the space between the rise of technology and the slippery slope of compassionate awareness. Enter the world of calmversation...  


Our mission is to increase joy, creativity and compassion while reducing stress, miscommunication and barriers to understanding.  

Our purpose is to help humans, in all stages of life, understand how to access calm and thrive in today’s fast paced world. 

Our goals are to develop creative, thoughtful and calming experiences through products and services that soothe the senses and engage the imagination.  


    We hope you find the perfect gift for yourself or those you adore!
    ...with a smile and wave, 
    greetings from your friends 
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